The company (as of 2017)


Company name: Transport- und Speditionsgesellschaft Schwarze Pumpe mbH (TSS GmbH)

Managing Director: Alexander Lengstorff Wendelken

Year of foundation: Spun off in 1992, transport companies merged
in 1995

Annual turnover: EUR 49,1 million

Number of employees: 280 employees

Trainees: 11 trainees

Transport orders: Approx. 57,000 annually

Vehicle fleet: Approx. 70 vehicle units over 7.5 t, forklifts, telescopic loaders, wheel loaders, escort vehicles, electric vehicles, special trailer vehicles and
containers, vans

Locations: Schwarze Pumpe (industrial estate & power plant), Spreetal, Jänschwalde (power plant & mine), Nochten/Reichwalde, Boxberg,
Lippendorf, Welzow

Warehouse facilities: 101,500 m² roofed warehouse space
97,400 m² open air warehouse space

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