Disposal by all means available.

Sustainable recycling and disposal

TSS GmbH supports LEAG with a wide assortment of reliable disposal services. Our range of services includes

  • Assuming operational responsibility for the recycling and disposal of the waste handed over to us,
  • Making independent decisions regarding the most economical and environmentally friendly method of disposal,
  • Transparent documentation of proper disposal,
  • Competent waste and disposal consulting,
  • Consistent recovery and marketing of recyclable materials,
  • Coordination for dismantling, rehabilitation and disposal activities, as well as
  • Transporting waste and providing waste containers.

Recyclable materials recovered are returned to the economic cycle in standard market quality. TSS GmbH provides waste-management services in strict compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the company follows the requirements of its own strict corporate environmental objectives.

TSS GmbH is a certified specialist waste-management company as defined in Section 3–11 of the German Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies (EfbV) (Collection and transport).

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