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Establishing new business fields

TSS GmbH promotes the continuous expansion of demanding business fields. At the same time, it makes its logistics expertise available to other companies through logistics consulting and project management. In this way, the company is establishing itself within the logistics industry.

Developing and establishing new business fields taps into further potential and creates additional opportunities for the future. The market and strategy division of TSS GmbH is responsible for the strategic alignment of the new business fields. Tasks include project implementation, sales and consulting for all logistics-related issues.

The corresponding projects are dedicated either to the consistent further development and expansion of existing business fields or to the development and establishment of new business fields in the market environment. New business fields include, for example, fleet management and eCommerce.

Future projects being promoted by the TSS market and strategy division involve

  • Developing an inbound control system for the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate to manage traffic flows,
  • Developing a modern telematics solution for the TSS GmbH fleet,
  • Developing multimodal transport solutions, and
  • Developing sales-oriented warehouse concepts.

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