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Large-scale repair work

Aside from traditional logistics and transport services, TSS GmbH also has its own workshop for fast and straightforward fleet repairs. The company has six permanent employees working in two shifts to handle the necessary repairs. TSS GmbH is a recognised DEKRA testing location, featuring a state-of-the-art roller dynamometer, several lifting platforms suitable for both cars and vans, as well as additional floor space for repairs.


  • General repair and maintenance of cars, vans, trailers, semi-trailers and trucks
  • Brake testing and repairs
  • Car body repair
  • Superstructure repairs
  • Repairs of silo trailers
  • Accident repair
  • Testing of unloading hoses in accordance with TRBS 1201 / Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Tyre service and repair
  • ADR tank testing
  • Statutory general and safety inspections
  • Inspection of skips and roll-off containers in accordance with DGUV 114-010
  • Inspection of company vehicles in accordance with accident prevention regulations pursuant to DGUV V70 §57
  • Car and van wear-part repair service
  • Spare-parts service

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